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Something I’ve been wondering if anyone noticed in chapter 10 of AHU 

Did my history buff friends see my reference to ‘Billy Yank?’ I WAS REALLY PROUD OF THAT TOUCH OK?

  1. pokips said: I got the reference! It’s almost like I teach Civil War history or something ;)
  2. whiskeysnarker said: Not reading AHU yet, but yep, I know “Billy Yank”, counterpart to “Johnny Reb.” But you know I’m a gigantic history nerd. ;)
  3. bigbigbigday006 said: I loved it!!! It was a term I hadn’t heard since my Civil War and Remembrance seminar class!!
  4. malteaselivesonanisland said: I’m expected not to right? :-)
  5. alliecat-person said: I feel ignorant because I didn’t remember Billy Yank until I just google’d it.
  6. londonrainings said: I didn’t, but I also don’t do US history, so my knowledge of the Civil War pretty much stalls out at AP US History my sophomore year of high school. Sorry, dude, but that’s on me, not you.
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